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Fruit shrubs

Reproduction of maiden grapes

Girlish (wild) grapes - a beautiful hedge on the site. Methods of propagation of culture Grapes are not only edible, but also decorative. For the decoration of the cottage and the backyard, a wild variety of culture is often used.
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Lawson's Cypress: Planting and Care

Cultivation and reproduction of Lawson's cypress How nice it is when the courtyard of your house has a well-groomed appearance, has flower beds, lawns, evergreen trees and plants. One of the decorations of the courtyards, alleys, squares and parks - Lawson's cypress (Lawson).
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Garden flowers, plants and shrubs

Lilac flowers

Common lilac: description, planting, breeding and care It is difficult to find a garden in which ordinary lilac does not grow. Fragrant flowers in large inflorescences have become a sure sign of spring. The plant is unpretentious, but requires proper pruning.
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